Running Out Of Things To Lose

by My Flying Machine

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Go To Sleep 02:51
Go to sleep and dream all of this time away. Tick of the clock, Will bury the dark, To let it decay. What would you see and feel? If all your memories obeyed, Take what you can, Leave what you can't, Throw the rest away. Hide under the stars, Let the darkness take over you. Though moving on, Is the last thing you wanna do. It's what you gotta do. Open your mind to chance, And leave all of your worries behind. Jump off of a bridge, You're lighter than air, Giving you peace of mind. Shatter the glass frames, Collecting all the beauty inside. Gathered in dust, Covered in stains, Setting it all ablaze.
Living in a kind of haze, Thinking all my days away. To sum it for you, I've been a little strange. Steady as a crashing wave. I gotta get away from here. Money buys your way to hell, Depending on the shit you sell. Hungry for the truth? Well their eating me alive. Greedy fuckers always will. I gotta get away from here. Moving all the way from fear. Kinda looks like danger. But everything seems fine. Now go and talk to strangers, And make it shine.
Never miss a moment just to mistake, A simple but a delicate art. Lessons of a life that you would never replace, Are filling up the holes in your heart. Time to sit and look at the stars, From the hood of your car. Wrap my arms around your, Warm like when you play the guitar. Hard to believe it, Harder to admit that these stars, Are memories and ghosts from afar, Kind of like how you and me are. Shining like a diamond with a smile on your face, I stare until I'm legally blind. Burning like a fire but I couldn't erase, Those images of you in my mind. We both had our share of doubts, But I edit all the bad shit out. Cause it's my mind. And I get to decide what we were all about. Before the drought.
In this house built of love and pure affection, The two of us are rarely left alone. And sure we might want to just leave for a vacation, But we return cause what we built here is a home. In this house built of perfect imperfection, We laugh when we cry, And we tangle up the view. We both have roads that we are paving for the future. Still we know what we built here is a home. And though we both will exit to our separate doors, We've never seen before what we are seeing. Formulas changed but we will find a new equation. I stand in line to buy some time. In this house built of bold and true expression, Back and forth is the language that we use. We have no mind for slight of hand or misdirection, Cause still we love what we built here. It's a home.
La dee da, Da dee da, La da dee da, La dee da... Paint me a picture, Alive in the things that she said. Whispering fiction, I must be out of my head. Stories so solemnly told and retold, Stunning hyperbole sold and resold, See my face through the eyes of the girl. Beautiful stranger, Features as sharp as a knife. Cutting and carving, Digging straight into your life. A damsel distressed is now dressed for the kill, You think that you know that she won't, but she will. You're a game through the eyes of the girl. La dee da, Da dee da, La da dee da, La dee da... Oh now only you know, Words that were written and all that was missing, And oh I know that you know, I'm not as bad as the monster you painted, But I won't understand, No I don't understand, No I won't understand how you can forget... La dee da, Da dee da, La da dee da, La dee da... She shows up in my dream, Kicking and screaming so obviously, Seeing red through the eyes of the girl. Seeing red through the eyes of the girl, It's all in my head through the eyes of the girl, When you're dead in her eyes.
Lover in the salt, Sprinkled in the wound, Lover in the way of ever loving you. Keeper of the gate, Keeper of the truth, Sinner and the saint, All alone I'll wait for you. Lover in the straw, Howl at the moon. Scratching at your back, Oh what's a lover to do? Bloody from the fall, Colour me marooned. Colour me in shades of things that lovers do. Do I light a fire in the cold? Do I ever do things when I'm told? Should I just forget you and grow old? Would that be fair? Or would you feel all alone?
Hide & Seek 02:55
One, Two, three, Hide and seek. I will notice where your footsteps take you, But you're gone without a trace. Call and no answers, Where you are. Blink and you'll miss a shooting star, Round the corner to my favourite hiding place. Ready or not, Here I come, I may be dumb, But I will find you here, In the dark. Four, Five, Six, Pick up sticks. Little canary's very sick. I think I know just where you'll go, It's my brain. Ready or not, Here I come, I may be dumb, But I will find you here, In the dark.
She put her heart into, Another life. One who's heart was pure, And undefined. She had no room for fools, Such as I. We took a long walk on the same old page, And didn't have much to say. Our time it felt temporary, Still I didn't want to give it away. She put her heart in view, And on the line. I broke her heart in two, Over mine. I was a selfish fool, And I needed time. It never felt right when it ended, Cuz I left her with so much pain. Another heart was neglected, And left to carry all of the weight. Shoes have come untied, Through the cold I climb, Barefoot I reside, Along the great divide.
Spirits 03:56
I'm not gonna let you off easy, But I'm gonna wait for another day. There's gotta be a better time to say, What I wanted to say. You're not growing up, You're going down. The bottle erupts, And falls to the ground. Whether or not you see it too, They're haunting you. Lately I've been bitter, Forgetting you got your reasons too. But what can I say? I wish that I could make it all go away.
Hey little whisper, How do I relax While you're throwing fears on me? Come on and let me breathe. Now I'm like a snowball, Watch me roll downhill, While I gain enormous speed. Heading for a tree. Hey little intruder, It's a false alarm So I'm begging you to leave. I just wanna sleep. Set your repetitions, On a constant loop, In distorted little streams Replaying in my dreams Cuz in my own mind, Without a paddle, I'm swimming up a creek. Running out of things to lose, Out of things to lose. Hey apprehension You got me running scared, From these stupid games you play, You're giving me away. I take a long hard look at myself in the mirror, Laugh at the mess cuz the fear is getting clearer. I don't like what I see.


released April 14, 2020

Recorded by Brandon P. General and Russ Carriere
Mixed by Russ Carriere
Co-Produced by Brandon P. General
Produced by Russ Carriere

All songs written by Brandon P. General


all rights reserved



My Flying Machine Hamilton, Ontario

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